"Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability."
-Mrs.Pratima Mukherjee (Headmistress)

It gives me immense pleasure to greet the parents and teachers of my school. Together we have striven and won each battle by the strength of our indomitable will power, positive attitude and above all discipline. I believe discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. It is always profitable in every walk of life.

In my perception, each child is blessed with a unique work ethos and contributes accordingly in the family, school and society. A balanced approach to academics and extra co-curricular activities gives our children a polished personality. So I never discount the impact that a single teacher can make on process of education. It is the individual education pattern that keeps the educational process running smoothly and productively.

The holistic development of a child in stimulating environment is a priority of St Angel’s. I always lay stress on speaking skills from Mont to Middle Department’ students because for them these years are considered as foundation years of their life. Good communication skills prepares students to compete at global level.

Several sports activities, life skills sessions, workshops, hone the thinking and creative skills of the students. As the responsible member of the school, I dedicate my actions to Almighty to give me more strength and renewed energy to fulfill the mission of educating students, who are imbued with divine qualities of truth, brotherhood and global understanding. I am fervent believer of the fact, when we have got something to prove, there is nothing greater than the challenge to shine the future of the child.

Here knowledge spreads its wings wide,
Making each little child, humanity’s pride.

We look forward to yet another year full of achievement and accolades with a firm belief and conviction of moving ahead towards our ultimate goal of success. Dear parents your cooperation is very much appreciable in smooth functioning of your child’ academics.