Director Message

Everything in this world begins with an intention. If we realise these noble intentions into the fertile ground of pure potentiality, they bloom, when the season is right. Believing this, we, at St. Angel’s toil round the clock to make pursuit of excellence in every field of student’s life. We believe, so children achieve. Here education doesn’t end at learning facts. Teaching and learning goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. We imprint on a child’s psychology the powerful thoughts that become a dominant inventory of beliefs about oneself to sustain his self image. We have a snapshot into the way today’s Gen X thinks .My dear students, nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but everybody can start today and make a new ending.

St Angel's School

Present era showcases a revolution in technology, with the advent of internet; social media has encapsulated the tender minds of students. I, myself, never fritter the gift of modern technology. But I expect from my students to discipline their views, restrain their passion and inculcate pure morality under all circumstances. In this era of going downhill moral values, we ensure that our students will illuminate this world with the education, they receive in school.

While counting the treasures of our efforts and achievements, we must never be oblivion to the sense of gratitude which transforms ordinary opportunities into blessings. I offer my sincere admiration to the motivated teacher, enthusiastic parents and amicable students for becoming the complementary wheel of our school’s progresss.

Thank You

Mr. Architt Bhardwaj (Director)