Our Mission, Vision & Moto

Our Mission

The mission of St. Angel’s having a distinctively sundry community at a heritage of quality indoctrination is to fortify that each pupil attains excellent scholastic unique future by presuming a secure and fostering learning surroundings which constructs a brawny substructure. We endeavour to motivate unprejudiced human beings with provincial and universal awareness, who shows correlative respect and willingness to participate towards positive change to create compassionate, responsible and innovative global citizens, committed to the development of India and the world.

Our Vision

At St. Angel’s we acknowledge the indispensable of imperative an instructional occurrence is world grade in every respect and which develops Youngsters for comprehensive citizenship. We commemorate the culture of values. We believe that a curriculum of calibre with a worldwide aspect is central to the education of scholars to compose vigorous and kind hearted inhabitant of tomorrow, to encounter the challenges of a global society, while employing their conventional merit.

Our Moto

The students at St. Angel’s are emboldened to analyse, collaborate and explore answers for themselves. The teachers are motivated to innovate and guide the students.