Rule and Regulations

Code of Conduct for Students

The following are the acts and misconduct which amount to forbidden practices

  • 1.Absence from classes without the permission of the Teacher/Vice Principal.
  • 2. Misbehavior towards teachers or any other employee of the school.
  • 3. Disobeying lawful orders of the Teacher/Vice Principal/Principal.
  • 4. Intentional disturbance of classes.
  • 5. Bullying/Rowdyism and rude behavior.
  • 6. Eve-teasing/misbehavior toward girl students.
  • 7. Bringing unauthorized people/articles inside the school.
  • 8. Indulging in acts of moral turpitude.
  • 9. Any behavior unbecoming of a student.
  • 10. Smoking/chewing gutkha/paan/khaini etc.
  • 11. Use of drugs or intoxicant (except on prescription by a registered Medical Practitioner).
  • 12. Any form of Gambling.
  • 13. Theft/pilferage of school / students' property.
  • 14. Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property.
  • 15. Spitting in or near the school building except where the spitting is made any spittoon provided by the school.
  • 16. Use of violence in any form.
  • 17. Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability.
  • 18. Propagating a strike / disruption of classes.
  • 19. Association with banned organizations.

All these above acts of misconduct are the forbidden practices. In the above of misconduct, Principal / HOS shall take suitable action as per observation of the Disciplinary Committee at school level depending upon gravity of misconduct. Which may include:

  • 1.Oral/written warning to the students and parents.
  • 2. Detention during the break for Completion of neglected class work.
  • 3. Suspension from attending classes/school for a specified period.
  • 4. Recovery of loss through replacement to school property due to willful damage.
  • 5. Expulsion/Rustication from school for students of Classes IX to XII in rarest of rare cases.

Recommendations To The Parents

The co-ordination between parents & teachers is essential for complete and harmonious development of a student's personality. To bring up the best in the child, family influences should help and supplement school efforts.

Parents must note down the following points in the interest of their ward.

  • 1.Students should carry his Almanac to school each day. Remarks put down in the Almanac should be seen and countersigned regularly.
  • 2.Students should reach the school premises five minutes before 1st bell in the morning i.e. 8.00 a.m.
  • 4. Encourage your ward to take balanced interest in studies, co-curricular activities and sports. 5. Parents & guardians must not visit their wards & teachers in the classrooms without the permission of the Principal.
  • 6. Parents must not send/bring lunch boxes/tiffin during the working hours of the school. As school will not entertain such requests due to security reasons as recommended by Delhi Police.
  • 7 . For helping the school in handling emergencies successfully, maintaining communication with teachers & keeping records updated, any change of address & telephone No. should be notified immediately to the school authority.
  • 8. Students affected by infectious diseases or exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period before rejoining the school. This should also be indicated on the Medical Certificate.
  • 9. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 6 consecutive days renders the school liable to have his/her name struck off.
  • 10. If you feel that your child does not make the desired progress, the Principal / Department In charges should be contacted.
  • 11. Criticism of a child's teacher & the school in his / her presen ce should be strictly avoided because it causes the child to lose his/her respect for the teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him/her. If you have a legitimate complaint, see the Principal without fear or reprisal.
  • 12. Parents are requested not to interfere in the internal management of the school to maintain strict discipline. However, suggestions in writing are always welcomed by the management. Diary/school almanac is a bridge between school and home of the child. 13. As your child advances in age, guide him/her to become a resourceful member of home & country. Encourage self- help for work and study. Children should be taught to keep their room tidy, make their own bed, carry their own bag etc. The formation of such habits early in the life inculcates in them the value of the dignity of labor, a fundamental personal virtue that is necessary for successful career in life.
  • 14. Schedule of Parent's Meeting with the teachers : PTM (mentioned in the School Calendar given at back) of the school almanac. Last Saturday of every month between 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. (For the cases which need immediate attention with prior appointment or information).
  • 15. Inculcate and encourage reading habits. Reading English books increases the vocabulary, builds the perception, & hence improves the written expression. School has also decided to give recognition/appreciation for book reading.

Students Health Check Up

Parents are requested to ensure that their wards must be present in school on the day allocated for the checkup.

  • A. Please submit 'Medical History' of your ward, if he/she is suffering from any serious ailment.
  • B. There is no provision for half day leave, therefore parents are advised not to send your ward to school if he/she is sick.

General School Rules

  • 1. Every student must carry almanac to school every day and use it productively.
  • 2. Students are supposed to carry books and notebooks in strict accordance with the timetable and refrain from bringing unnecessary material to school.
  • 3. Bringing expensive stationary (pens, pencils, fancy pencil box etc.) to school is strictly forbidden.
  • 4. Bringing money is not allowed. It is strictly against the school policy.
  • 5. Students are prohibited from bringing any electronic devices including mobile phones, cameras, I- pads, tablets, pen drives, which is not required to academic pursuits. Violation may result in suspension or levying of heavy fine in addition to confiscation of the items.
  • 6. School will not be held responsible for loss of valuable articles or pieces of jewelry of your wards.
  • 7. Uniform is compulsory during school hours and all school functions including PTM's when they represent school.
  • 8. Use of cosmetics or applying Henna (Mehndi) on the hands or coloring hair is strictly against the rule for girls.
  • 9. Using derogatory words, bullying, use of foul language are punishable offence s ' whether in or out of the school.
  • 10. Students must keep their classroom tidy, throw waste paper, wrapper etc. into the waste paper basket. Use of napkins and mats are mandatory during lunch time
  • 11. Damaging or disfiguring any school property may result in suspension in addition to levy of heavy fine.
  • 12. Students are not allowed to celebrate their birthdays in school by bringing cakes, pastries, chocolate etc.
  • 13. Students are strictly prohibited from commuting to school by driving two/four wheelers on their own. Any violation of this rule will result in strict disciplinary action.
  • 14. Students must visit 'Medical Room' only when there are extreme emergency situations.
  • 15. Students have to be courteous, helpful and respectful to parents, teachers and visitors.
  • 16. Communication in English in school premises and at home is a must for students.

Guidelines For Parents And Guardians

Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parents. The most overwhelming key to a child's achievement is the positive involvement of parents. So you must carry out your responsibilities as educator in instilling in your wards respect and strict obedience for all school rules and regulations.

  • 1. Your ward must wear neat and clean uniform with proper haircut and ID card.
  • 2. Parents are requested to go through their wards school almanac regularly and sign the teacher's remarks if any.
  • 3. Parents must attend P.T.M (meeting) regularly to discuss the performance and behavioral problems of their wards.
  • 4. Parents must encourage their wards to do homework themselves at home.
  • 5. Encourage your ward to read good books or play games instead of viewing TV or playing games on mobiles.
  • 6. Parents are requested to refrain from sending lunch boxes/notebooks of their wards during school hours.
  • 7. Please send home cooked food/fruit only in their lunch.
  • 8. Criticism of a teacher of the school in presence of a child must be scrupulously avoided as it causes students to lose respect for their teachers.
  • 9. Please don't give mobile to your ward if student is found carrying a mobile phone, it will be confiscated and a heavy fine will be imposed.
  • 10. Internet facility is required to monitor the usage of the wonderful technology by your ward. It is advisable to route your child's e-mail through your account and share their password. Keep the computer in a central family location, not in your ward's room.
  • 11. Parents must not request to interact with teachers during regular teaching hours, as it hampers smooth working of the school.
  • 12. Please avoid asking for a half day leave. In case of emergency, permission must be sought in writing from the in-charge through the class teacher. 13. The name, admission no, class section must be clearly marked on all belongings and uniforms of the students.
  • 14. Parents are advised not to send sweets, presents to school for any occasion like Birthdays, Teacher's Day, Children's day or any other festival.
  • 15. Parents should not try to overtake and stop the school bus to facilitate the board of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus. Please don't argue with any conductor, teacher or driver present in the bus. In case of any problem, a written complaint must be submitted in school.
  • 16. Parents are advised to visit school 'Facebook' page on school website to get along with all updates of school functions.
  • 17. To ensure safety and security of your wards, parents must have phone no or create whats app group.
  • 18. To ensure safety and security of your wards’, parents of Primary