Vice Principal Message

The Responsibility for change.... lies within us.

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Young children are the future of our country so they need to be healthy and happy; they need to be mentally strong, patient and equipped adequately to face tomorrow. The ultimate goal of education is not just imparting knowledge but to create future generation who not only imbibe knowledge but also have a combination of characters, determination and value. It is well said that,

St Angel's School

"Our thoughts lead to Attitudes, attitudes to words, Words lead to action and Action leads to habit, Habit forms our character and Character determines our destiny"

Therefore, let us gear up and train up the future generation to develop a strong character. Learning can be an accidental process and finds its way in most astonishing circumstances. In a school space not only students but also the teachers, the educational rock-stars learn. And this learning is the secret portion for their vitality. My latent learning also comes from my inestimable students. Through learning we re-perceive the world and we extend our capacity to create. So, dear students keep inspiring and teaching us as you are our spring of our youthfulness, the fodder of your question is food for our thoughts and the discharge of your energies is the recharge for our batteries.

Thank You

Mrs. Neelum Singh(Vice Principal)